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Adult Name Changes

Adult name changes are a common practice of family law. In a divorce setting, a person’s name change (i.e., back to a maiden name) is included in the Final Decree of Divorce. However, for those people that desire to change their names outside of the divorce setting, they often must file a petition with the court. A Texas family law attorney can assist you with this process.

How Do I Legally Change My Name?

The first step towards legitimizing a legal name change is drafting a petition. The petition must contain all the necessary information. Among these requirements, the petition must state your original name, your driver’s license number, whether you have been convicted of a felony and the reason you want to change your name. A family law attorney may assist you by drafting the petition with all the proper formalities.

After the petition is filed, a judge must find that the name change as in the interest of the petitioner and the public before it is granted. If the petitioner doesn’t have any felony convictions and is not subject to registration requirements under the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, then the petitioner is usually granted permission to change their name. Of course changing one’s name does not clear him or her from any previous liabilities or criminal offenses. The petitioner should then contact certain governmental agencies (such as the Office of Social Security

and the Department of Motor Vehicles), and the petitioner’s bank, credit card companies, insurance providers, utility providers and other private agencies, to notify them of the name change.

Can a Minor Change His or Her Name?

To change the name of a minor, the petitioner must show that both of the minor’s parents or legal guardian(s) agree to the name change. If the parents do not agree, a court hearing may be held to give both parent’s an opportunity to explain their position. If the name change is granted the petitioner should also notify local authorities so that they can help to reunite the child with the parents if the child ever goes lost or missing.

The process by which one legally changes his or her name may sound like a good deal of work, but it is really a very simple process. The process may be made even easier with the assistance and guidance of a local family law attorney. If you want to start your life anew with a new name, contact a trusted Austin lawyer with experience in family law for a consultation.

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