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Child Custody Attorney in Austin, TX

Austin child custody lawyer Deke Foxhoven at the Foxhoven Law Firm knows how emotionally charged the issue of child custody can be. Child custody often presents very challenging issues because children are innocent and looking to their parents to make the best decisions for them – but parents do not always agree on what is in their children’s best interest. When choosing an attorney to assist you with a child custody case, it is very important to choose someone who you feel comfortable with, someone who sincerely cares about you and your kids; and someone who listens to and understands your concerns, your goals and your legal issues. Deke employs his former experience as early childhood educator to help parents navigate child custody issues in a manner that protects the children emotionally and physically, and is least disruptive to their lives.

Deke works closely with his clients to resolve child custody issues. He assists in the enforcement and/or modification of child custody orders that have become (or always were) unreasonable, untenable, unfair or otherwise outdated. At the Foxhoven Law Firm, we have experience with family law cases, child custody, child support, divorces, establishment of custody orders for unmarried parents (“SAPCR”s), enforcements and modifications of child custody or support, and much more. The knowledgeable and friendly attorney in Austin, TX law firm will walk you through every step of the legal process.

At Foxhoven Law, our professional staff truly cares about the people we serve. We are eager to help people who are going through complicated, family-related legal issues. Our main purpose is to resolve your legal woes by paying close, personal attention to the specifics of your individual case while developing sincere relationships with you along the way. We aim to understand your concerns and develop a sound legal strategy that will achieve your desired goals.

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