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Divorce Services

The Foxhoven Law Firm provides sincere and professional legal services for people facing the stressful and often intimidating task of navigating a divorce. Whether you are facing a contested divorce, in which the spouses cannot agree on significant matters, or an uncontested divorce or agreed divorce, in which spouses already agree on the key terms of their divorce such as child custody, visitation, marital property division, and spousal support, attorney Deke Foxhoven employs his invaluable experience in family law to guide you through the process. The Foxhoven Law Firm handles divorce cases for the people primarily in Austin and the surrounding areas in Texas (including Williamson, Bastrop and Hays counties).

Deke understands that divorces are often difficult and painful, and that sometimes an agreement is just not possible. In these situations, the Foxhoven Law Firm is prepared to fight for your interests in all stages of your divorce, including informal negotiations, mediation and if necessary, court. However, when an agreement is possible, an amicable divorce in Texas can benefit you and your children by: significantly reducing your stress and the stress on your children; often allowing you to resolve your divorce much faster than a contested divorce; reducing what can be a burdensome financial cost (i.e., lower attorney’s fees); and personally saving you dozens of hours and missed time at work. In critical cases involving child custody, an uncontested divorce can often establish a better foundation and healthier environment in which parents can still work together to co-parent and raise their child.

As an experienced agreed divorce lawyer in Texas, Deke can help you navigate the divorce process, negotiate the necessary provisions of an Agreed Final Decree of Divorce, and provide you with an honest opinion about your goals. He has seen what can go wrong and how disputes arise. He will try to help you avoid these disputes by thoroughly evaluating each individual case, identifying potential conflicts and employing his experience in and out of the courtroom to propose terms for an agreed divorce that meet your goals and hopefully resolve all areas of remaining conflict.

If you and your partner have decided upon a divorce and do not want to fight a huge legal battle that could be very hard emotionally and financially on you and your family, we are here to help. Divorce attorney Deke Foxhoven serves clients in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas. He will take you through the legal process and try to help you resolve your divorce as smoothly as possible.

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