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Estate Planning, Drafting or Revising a Will in Austin, TX

At the Foxhoven Law Firm, attorney Deke R. Foxhoven can help you write a Will, revise an existing Will and answer any questions you may have regarding estate planning. Deke works closely with clients to develop an in-depth understanding of their financial and personal situations to plan for the future and draft a Will that meets every client’s individual needs.

Deke can also provide guidance and answers to clients’ inquiries regarding medical power of attorney and statutory durable power of attorney. Through a typical medical power of attorney, a family member or friend of an individual is granted legal permission to make decisions regarding medical issues if the individual is not able to do so him or herself. A statutory durable power of attorney typically permits individuals to designate someone to make financial and business decisions for them in the event that they are unable to do so.

If you are holding power of attorney for someone in Texas, you have been granted the power to make certain decisions and/or perform certain acts on behalf of the other person. Depending on the power of attorney, these powers may include the power to make financial, legal and medical decisions on behalf of another person in the event the individual is no longer able to make informed decisions on their own. Deke can explain the benefits and disadvantages of your different options so that you may make informed decisions on what is best for the individual and his or her family.

At the Foxhoven Law Firm, LLC Austin we believe that every client has unique needs and concerns and that every client should receive individual attention to fully address those needs and concerns. Deke takes the time to understand and discuss his clients’ situation and uses his in-depth understanding of the law to offer counsel and find solutions.