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Family Law Services

Divorce Legal Matters

The Foxhoven Law Firm provides sincere and professional legal services for people facing the stressful and often intimidating task of navigating a divorce. Whether you are facing a contested divorce in which the spouses cannot agree on significant matters or an uncontested divorce or agreed divorce in which spouses already agree on the key terms of their divorce such as child custody, visitation, marital property division, and spousal support, attorney Deke Foxhoven employs his invaluable experience in family law to guide you through the process.

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Child Custody Legal Matters

Austin child custody lawyer Deke Foxhoven at the Foxhoven Law Firm knows how emotionally charged the issue of child custody can be. Child custody often presents very challenging issues because children are innocent and looking to their parents to make the best decisions for them – but parents do not always agree on what is in their children’s best interest.

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