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Protect Your Business with Non-Disclosure Agreement in Austin, TX

The Foxhoven Law Firm in Austin is a renowned law firm known for their work helping businesses draft employment and independent contractor contracts including non-compete (covenant not to compete), non-solicitation, and non-disclosure agreements. Whether you need to draft new contracts, work out the relationship with your employees or contractors, or settle a dispute regarding an existing contract, business attorney Deke Foxhoven can help. Deke strives to keep his clients out of the courtroom, and tried to resolve their legal matters in an honest and reasonable manner that will minimize the disruption to business operations as much as possible. However, if negotiations break down, Foxhoven is fully prepared to go to court and advocate for your interests. He will listen to you closely so that he may fully understand your business goals and provide you with the appropriate professional legal guidance that is specific to your needs.

Deke creates non-disclosure agreements that protect clients’ confidential information, trade secrets, proprietary information and other sensitive information that gives your business its competitive edge. Non-disclosure agreements try to prevent potential business partners or employees from disclosing service and product designs, blueprints for a new project, confidential material, strategic plans for the future and more.
To protect your business or property, many parties may require a non-disclosure agreement, including:

  • Salespeople
  • Vendors
  • Investors
  • Potential business partners
  • Potential buyers of business
  • Independent Contractors

When possible, business attorney Deke Foxhoven works hard to keep you out of the courtroom to save you the time and money associated with litigation. But if litigation is required, he will be by your side to fight for your best interests. Regardless of the situation, Deke will thoroughly discuss your options with you, so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed and best protect your business.

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