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Military Members and Child Custody

(March 22, 2013) — Though the members of our Armed Forces are highly regarded in our society, divorce and child custody is one realm where they may face greater obstacles than the average citizen. Military members face potential deployment, which not only requires them to be away from their homes for large periods of time, but also may place them in a war zone with numerous hazards. This fact can often affect how the Court rules in divorce and custody modification proceedings. If you are from Travis County, or surrounding counties, and you are facing a divorce or custody modification, contact an Austin family law attorney for legal counsel and guidance.

Deployment also makes it difficult for a military member to be present for family law hearings. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the stateside parent to file a petition to modify custody while the other parent is serving overseas. This is a very frustrating situation for many military parents who typically do not believe it is fair to be served with a custody suit while

on active duty. If you are in this situation, consider contacting a family law attorney that can inform the judge of your situation and argue for your rights.

The Servicemember Family Protection Act

A new bill called the Servicemember Family Protection Act (SFPA) is currently being considered by Congress. The SFPA would protect military parents’ custody rights by preventing courts from using deployment or potential deployment as a basis for determining changing a service member’s custody rights. Apparently civilian parents would no longer be able to modify child custody terms while the military parent is on active duty and out of the country.

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