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Military Members And Divorce

(March 18, 2013) — For a member of any branch of the Armed Forces, an impending divorce can be particularly stressful and become a significant distraction from their duties. The process is often different for a member of the military than for their civilian counterparts because other factors, including military benefits and overseas deployment, are unique to these cases. It may be wise, in such a circumstance, to hire an experienced Travis County divorce attorney to guide you through the process.

Why Is It Different For Me?

There are several reasons that a divorce involving a service member is different than other divorces. One of the main reasons is that members of the military may be subject to relocation and deployments, which can make issues such as custody (conservatorship) and visitation (possession and access) more challenging. If you are facing divorce, you should strongly consider contacting a divorce lawyer to discuss the legal issues unique to families that have one or both members in the military. A family law attorney can offer professional guidance, listen to your goals and concerns, and work with you to best achieve a reasonable outcome.

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