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What should I look for in a divorce attorney?

(February 12, 2013) — There are a few things to consider when hiring an Austin divorce attorney. First, find a lawyer who has experience practicing family law in Travis County. Second, look for a lawyer who is communicative and will not make your divorce more costly and stressful. Third, make sure the lawyer is well organized and prepared to meet deadlines and tackle any obstacles that may arise head-on. Your divorce lawyer should be there to make the divorce proceedings easier, not more complicated.

Family Law in Travis County

Family law cases, specifically divorce, are often complex. Every county in Texas has its own set of local rules, and every court within each county may have its own subset of rules. In addition to knowing the law, an Austin family law attorney should have a strong understanding of the family court system specific to Travis County. A local divorce lawyer should be able to recommend when to compromise and when to take the case in front of a judge or jury. A divorce lawyer may also know that some courts have a track record for ruling in one direction or another given some particular circumstances, based on the lawyer’s experience and knowledge of Travis County courts. For these reasons, men and women facing a divorce can benefit from hiring an experienced Travis County family law attorney.

Communication is Key

A family law attorney can help clients navigate the divorce process and should be in communication with them throughout the process. While lawyers are typically working on many cases simultaneously, making it difficult to be available around the clock, it is still important that the attorney gives each client individual attention and focus. Clients should also be able to get in touch with their lawyer when they have questions about their case.

Time is Money

Divorce proceedings can take a while to be resolved, which is why it is important that a divorce lawyer be punctual, keep track of all meetings and pleadings, and meet deadlines. Attorneys should also know every aspect of his or her client’s case. Obstacles might and do come up along the way, but the attorney should be prepared for these and not let them derail the process or take their attention away from the end goals. An unprepared attorney could end up costing the client extra money, and could be an indicator that the attorney is not well suited to take on such a case.

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